Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer 2016 Recovery Series: You've figured out your seed, what about feeding it?

Turfgrass recovery is hard, especially following a stretch of rough weather, or when healing-in from aeration.  No one wants to wait for perfection, and Ocean Organics has a product to jump-start that process.  Super Starter has a balanced N-P-K formulation featuring seven organic nitrogen sources, to maximize the diversity of microbial stimulation….feed the soil, feed the plant.  In addition, it contains a complete micronutrient package, and is high in calcium and kelp.  Years of research show that these compounds aid in cell wall division, and root-hair development, which are critical functions of germination and establishment.  This product is also impregnated with an organic acid and all-natural surfactant which help to release soil-bound nutrients, and keep them in the soil solution so that plants have an easy time taking them up when needed.  When the hot, humid weather subsides, don’t just start the recovery process, Super Start it!  Your members (and seedlings) will thank you.

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