Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Some great info from our friends over at Aquatrols . . .

Problem Areas on your Turf? Fix Them Fast with Aqueduct!

Localized dry spots (LDS) can create major headaches for superintendents this time of year. This is especially true if they have not remained on a consistent, preventative soil surfactant program due to rainy weather earlier in the season, or if the weather suddenly turns dry and windy. Aqueduct is a specially formulated soil surfactant chemistry that is designed to provide rapid recovery from LDS.

The dramatic photos above show the power of Aqueduct in action. Brian Burke, the superintendent who took the photos, noted improvements the day after his first Aqueduct application and reported near full recovery after five days.

Aqueduct can also be used as a spot treatment to correct problem areas that flare up during the course of your regular soil surfactant program, or toward the tail end of a soil surfactant application that is losing its effectiveness. If a superintendent has gone off a regular soil surfactant program, they can also use Aqueduct to quickly overcome water repellency in larger turf areas like greens, tees, and fairways before resuming preventative soil surfactant applications.

For more information about Aqueduct, visit or contact your Atlantic Golf & Turf technical representative.

Originally published  July 30, 2015

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