Friday, June 26, 2020

Lawncare Surfactant Program

It's hot. It's dry. Lawns are suffering.

We've got something to help ...

The Product

Enhanced Gypsum with SynGen

The Program

6 lb/M for 60 days activity (Early June) – or -

4 lb/M lasts 45 days (Mid-May, Mid-June, Mid-August) *

·     Irrigated Turf – Improves infiltration allowing property owners to reduce the frequency of irrigation and quantity of water applied to maintain healthy, durable turf

·     Non irrigated turf or extremely sandy soils – Capitalize on natural precipitation by promoting deeper infiltration, reducing runoff, and avoiding hydrophobic conditions

Program Benefits

·     Improves infiltration of irrigation and natural precipitation

·     Preserves water retention by increasing penetration into the soil and thatch

·     Water penetrating deeper into the root zone expands the reservoir of water available to roots, and is less prone to evaporation

·     Reduces disease pressure by eliminating excess moisture at the surface

·     Improves performance of fertility program by increasing nutrient availability and preserving a consistent soil solution

Additional Water Savings Tips

·     Install Smart Controller capable of adjusting run times to account for actual or average monthly demand (ET) and natural precipitation

·     70% weekly ET replacement will provide at least 10% savings relative to traditional recommendations for cool season turf

·     Reduce frequency of irrigation

o   May 15 to June 15 – every 3 days

o   June 15 to Sept 1 – every other day

o   Sept 1 to Oct 1 – 2 days per week

§  Irrigation events aren’t set in stone, please use local knowledge of soils and adjust accordingly.

Why add a surfactant program for my lawn?

·     This program contributes to a more Environmentally, Economically, and Socially sustainable model for turf management.

·     More effective irrigation will reduce water bills to offset the cost of the program

·     Better water management enhances the benefits of all other maintenance programs (fertilizer, over-seeding, aeration)

·     Reduced water consumption helps conserve water, protects valuable water resources by reducing the potential for runoff and leaching


How to Maximize the Benefits

·     Incorporate Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizers in your programs and target 2.5 -3.5 pounds of Nitrogen annually (depending on dominant grass species) without sacrificing quality or performance

o   Better control over growth rate reduces demand for water and improves after cut appearance on lawns

o   Adjust timing and sources of Nitrogen applications to maximize root development in fall and minimize carbohydrate consumption in spring and summer

·     Combine program applications to maximize efficiency

o   Switch to Acelepryn/Dimension combo product for reduced environmental impact on beneficial insects

o   Surfactant applications in June and July produces resilient turf and promotes recovery from pests and heat stress

·     Surfactant programs compliment aeration and over-seeding services designed to establish and promote more drought tolerant grasses by managing soil moisture from germination through establishment.

*For best results use the 4lb rate before the onset of turf stress and warm conditions.


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