Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer 2016 Recovery Series: What do you really know about your seed?

With the weather conditions experienced this summer, turf recovery will be on every Turf Managers mind very soon if not already. When choosing seed varieties the origin and genetic make-up can determine how that seed germinates and establishes itself, how it resists disease and insects, and if it will be drought tolerant. Knowing where your seed comes from and if it is “genetically pure” can be the difference between a lush and long lasting turf stand and a recurring problem. 

We at Atlantic Golf and Turf have always worked with providers and breeders who maintain good seed stocks and manage their production fields and seed processing facilities to the highest standards. Poor management of any of these areas can affect the purity (genetics) of the seed and can determine the outcome of your Turfgrass stand in the future.

If you have a favorite seed variety that is not available or in low supply, we may have an alternative in the same genetic classification that will insure the compatibility and traits you expect from your seed.

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